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Day 1 - Campaign Launch Day

Sunday, April 23

Sunday | April 23, 2017 | 2nd Sunday of Easter

“Awe came upon everyone, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles.”
~Acts 2:43

In 1953, local Catholics met with Bishop Francis Haas to request that a parish be established in Grandville. 

“The bishop was dubious that we could afford to build a church because there was not a lot of people,” recalls Cecelia (Debri) Patterson, the parish’s first secretary.

On Palm Sunday, March 22, 1953, the first Holy Mass was celebrated in Grandville. The location was the Grand Theater, now the Corner Record Shoppe. The average attendance for the first two Masses was 300 people.

The Catholic Community of Grandville has been a force for the good in our area ever since. 

For reflection: 
Think about the signs and wonders accomplished when people of faith unite around something they believe in.

Where do I fit in?

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