Bishop Walkowiak's Statement

On Friday, June 26, 2015 the United States Supreme Court declared that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States.

Below, you'll find Bishop Walkowiak's statement regarding the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage:

Most Reverend David Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids

Most Reverend David Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids

“Unconditional love and acceptance for all is at the heart of the Gospel.  It is also at the heart of our Catholic faith. This is true regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation and will not change, because we are all human beings created in the image of God. Every person is of equal dignity, value and worth.
The Catholic faith has constantly taught, that marriage is the unique relationship between one man and one woman that needs to be promoted and strengthened. Marriage is a gift from God, rooted in nature itself. The biological realities of male and female together with the complementarity they bring to the institution of marriage allow for the natural procreation of children and the opportunity for the child to be nurtured and to learn from a mother and a father who each bring unique gifts to the family. Neither today’s United States Supreme Court decision, nor subsequent alterations to civil law, can change this truth which we profess.
All persons should be welcomed, respected and cared for. We strongly affirm those who are living faithfully according to Christian teaching while finding themselves with a same-sex attraction. We pray that they will continue to seek out a close relationship to Christ through the community of the Church, its faith, and its sacraments."


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