A cross between Vacation Bible School and Catholic Heart Work Camp, this summer Camp is for Middle Schoolers only!  CAMP EDGE is a week-long adventure that will involve energetic (and sometimes messy) games, delicious treats, & crazy overnight adventures; all the while learning about some very important aspects of our Catholic Faith.  The only complaint received has been that the camp is TOO SHORT!


Camp Edge this year will take us on a wild adventure exploring our Catholic heritage in Michigan!  We will be learning how Catholicism came to West Michigan and the great missionaries who brought it here. Our week will include visiting various churches in the area and an epic pilgrimage north where we will visit the site of Pere Marquette's grave and also Bishop Baraga's early church.  There will be countless games, skits, food and fun packed into the week! 
The schedule is as follows:
Monday July 17th: 9a-1p
Tuesday July 18th: 8:15a-1p
Wednesday July 19th: 7a- overnight
Thursday July 20th: return around 8p
Friday July 21st: 8:15a-10:30a
Cost: $50
Space is limited so please sign up today! 

CAMP EDGE 2016: Keep Calm & Have Mercy

This year we embraced the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis and focused on the Corporal Works of Mercy. This was an extremely fun & interactive week that engaged our heads, hearts and hands!  While participating in a variety of service projects we played games, visited various places and grew in our relationship with the Lord in a fun, energetic way.


CAMP EDGE 2015: Walk the Walk

This year we learned about how to live out our Catholic Faith by studying the lives of the best examples we have: the saints!  Check out the awesome pictures from our camp!