Campus & Facility Plan

One of the top goals that emerged from our Pastoral Planning process in 2014 was the need to ensure that our facilities support our mission as a Catholic community. 

A committee of parishioners was formed to develop a Master Plan for our campus and facilities.  We engaged a local architectural firm with extensive experience in building projects for Catholic parishes.  The firm surveyed staff and parishioners and sought the input of all at a town hall “visioning” meeting last Fall.

What evolved is a Campus and Facilities Master Plan to guide our parish for the next two decades. This plan prioritizes three immediate needs for carrying out Christ’s work in our parish.

  1. An expanded Gathering Area to foster a climate of hospitality before and after Masses
  2. A new medium-sized multipurpose space designed specifically for the needs of our youth, but also available for all parish groups to enjoy
  3. Boiler replacement and parking lot resurfacing