confirmation Dates

Preparation 2017-2018

Fall Semester

  • MS Edge: Scheduled Sundays (see calendar) (80% attendance required
  • Personal Interview with Elizabeth (sign up for a time)
  • Parish Wide Service Day: Saturday in October (optional but counts for fall service)
  • Middle School Retreat (Boys and Girls separate) Nov 10&11
  • Choose a sponsor: Sponsor sheet due by November 19, 2017 (8th graders)
  • Sponsor Retreat (8th graders):  Dec. 3, 2017 6-8pm Sponsors Required
  • Service Day: Saturday December 2, 2017

 Spring Semester

  • MS Edge: Scheduled Sundays (see calendar)
  • SPX Confirmation Retreat: Feb 3&4, (8th grade) Saturday -Sunday @ St. Pius X
  • Rite of Entrance: Saturday Feb 3 at 5:30PM Mass (Sponsor required)
  • Adoration(Exposition), Praise & Worship with Abacus
  • Letter of Intention: Sunday Feb 3, 2017 (8th grade)
  • Choose a Saint’s name and write a short biography him/her:
  • Know the Apostles Creed: March (all)
  • Participate in Station of the Cross during Lent
  • Middle School Shine Rally: Saturday March 19 @  West Catholic
  • Service Day: March 16

 Immediate Preparation

  • Immediate Preparation @  MS Edge: Sunday in Sept-Apr.
  • Interview: schedule an interview with Elizabeth by February 10
  • Weekly Mass participation


Sacrament of Confirmation:  Cathedral of St. Andrew, Date: May 8; 7pm (8th grade)

(For announcements on final dates/times pay attention to emails/notices/bulletin)

*The retreats are required events. Contact the office if you have a conflict.