Every Day Stewards

Each week we will feature someone from the parish who in their own way is living out one characteristic of an every day steward. Sharing these stories can help to inspire or even realize their practices are not far from your own.

Week 1: Prayerful

Everyday Steward: Jim Everhart
Click on the image to read Jim's story on the role prayer's played in his life recently. You can also download the prayers he uses in the mornings and evenings. How are you being called to more prayer in your life?

Week 2: Grateful

Everyday Steward: Mike Provost
Click on the image to read more of Mike's story and the elements of the Catholic faith he is most grateful for and how that leads him to using his gifts. Where does your gratitude lead you?

Week 3: Accountable

Everyday Steward: Diane Remenak
Click on the image to find out more of Diane's story and how her desire to be accountable for her gifts has led her to serve in a variety of ways. Which parts of your life would benefit for more accountability?

Week 4: Committed

Everyday Stewards: Dave & Lynn Zabler
Click on the image to find out more of Dave & Lynn's story and how their commitments to each other, growing in their faith, and serving God have led them to a richer and fuller life. Which areas of your life are in need of a deeper commitment?