Every Day Stewardship

Do you know someone who’s faith seems to disappear upon leaving Mass? In our hearts, we know that a genuine faith is called to be lived every day. In a similar way every day, God calls us to be stewards of the abundant gifts God give us.

No one person has this completely mastered, so we all have room to grow with this. Since there is room for growth, the stewardship committee will take the next four weeks to help us as individuals and as a parish reflect and grow in what it means to be everyday stewards.

In the coming weeks we’ll look at four characteristics of everyday stewardship: prayerful, grateful, accountable, & committed.

Parishioners will be featured, you’ll hear it throughout the Mass, and see it on our webpage. The hope by the end is that the St. Pius X community will be able to prayerfully reflect how God may be calling it and its parishioners to more fully embrace stewardship as a way of everyday life and how those responses may transform our parish, homes, workplaces and world for the better.

Questions for

  • Which of these characteristics attracts you the most?
  • Which of these challenge you most?
  • Which one do you think God may be currently calling you to work on in your life?