The four commissions (Community, Formation, Outreach, & Worship) play active roles in linking together groups, ministries, and all aspects of parish life. In this way, the pastor, staff, and lay leaders work together out of a collaborative model of partnership and shared ownership. The commissions are made up of six to nine parishioners and a staff resource. They're responsibility is to help bring to life the parish's Pastoral Plan.


Leadership Night

The four commissions along with the pastoral and finance councils, the stewardship committee, and other key groups gather in Danner Hall quarterly for our Leadership Nights (October, February, May, & August). Leadership Nights start at 6:30pm for a family style dinner followed by prayer and some type of speaker or relevant programming.

Leadership nights are meant to connect those involved in leadership to each other so greater collaboration and a stronger community can be formed. Another hope with our leadership night is that it offers an opportunity to build on our leaders' existing skills and knowledge, further strengthening all we do at the parish.