List of Ministries

Christ Led: Administration Ministries

Christ recognized the gifts within the people around him, and in this he inspired and empowered them to be lights for God’s kingdom.

ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION: Responsible for coordinating the temporal affairs of the parish: how money is acquired, how it is spent, how the physical plant is maintained, and how the parishioners are kept informed about what is happening in the parish. Contact: Marilyn Beckwith, Staff

PASTORAL COUNCIL: The prayerful visioning body of the Parish that works with the five commissions of the parish. Contact: Fr. Chris, Pastor

FINANCE COUNCIL: A consultative body in the area of finance with the primary responsibility of monitoring the budget. Contact: Marilyn Beckwith, Staff

BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Prioritizes our parish maintenance needs, assist in finding parishioner help, and prepares for the future.  Contact: Marilyn Beckwith, Staff

STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE: Promotes sacrificial living as a way of life, encouraging parishioners to take a step in faith as they return God’s gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure in service to the church and community. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

Christ Gathered: Community Ministries

Whether it was through a conversation, a meal, or an invitation to be with him, Christ valued the power that came from bringing people together, connecting with them, and building community.


COMMUNITY COMMISSION: Build relationships so we can get to know one another, have fun together as a community and share time, energy, and skills through active involvement for the good of the parish. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

AFTER MASS HOSPITALITY: Serve and clean up after Saturday evening pizza and Sunday morning coffee & donuts. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

WELCOMING MINISTRY: Team of current parishioners who are willing to help with bi-annual welcome events for recently registered parishioners. Members of the welcoming ministry will help new parishioners feel that St. Pius X is their home. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

YOUNG COUPLES MINISTRY: An opportunity for young married and engaged couples to meet each other through different social and service opportunities. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

PARISH BREAKFAST HELPERS: Open to all men who would like to help set up, cook, serve and clean up after the Spring and Fall Parish breakfasts. This is a great father-son activity. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: A fraternal organization for Catholic men to offer service in the parish, be faithful citizens in the community, and live lives of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. Contact: Ike Yskes

MOMS SUPPORT GROUP: It is our mission to address the challenges facing moms by providing a Catholic-based program offering practical suggestions to everyday situations, while supporting each other through prayer, fellowship and encouragement. Bi-monthly meetings, September-May, and monthly activities, June - August. We always welcome new members. Contacts: Jennifer Lawrence

50+ GROUP: Open to anyone 50 or older, meets for various social activities & outings throughout the year. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

WEBSITE CONTENT MANAGEMENT TEAM: Team to monitor and update website as needed through the Squarespace Content Management platform. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY: They would have the ability to generate posts on our St. Pius X Facebook page in an effort to engage, develop and express faith, and connect parishioners to each other through social media. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

PHOTOGRAPHER: Parishioners who want to share their gift for photography by taking pictures at various events. Pictures may be used for the website, social media, and other print publications. Contact: Andy Rebollar, Staff

Christ Taught: Faith Formation Ministries

Christ engaged people through stories, teachings, and parables and in the process challenged them to think about what they believed to be true about life, forgiveness, each other, God, and so much more.

Formation Leadership

FORMATION COMMISSION: Provide vision and guidance for the achievement of goals for parish formation processes and programs. Commitment of one meeting per month, as well as occasional activities between meetings. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING TEAM: Plan, promote, and coordinate high school youth ministry events, including weekly formation sessions, liturgies, community building activities, service projects, and more. Meets monthly. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

Elementary Faith Formation

ELEMENTARY CATECHIST: Engage school-age children in prayer and activities to encourage them in developing a personal relationship with Christ Jesus and expressing their faith according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Catechists are needed for Sunday morning, Wednesdays 4-5:30pm & Wednesdays 6-7:30pm, September through April. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

ELEMENTARY CATECHIST AIDE: Assist catechists with classroom management and activities. Open to middle school and high school students, as well as adults of all ages. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: Planning team, site coordinators, crew leaders, and other helpers needed for week-long summer program for students ages 3 through grade 5. Open to students in grade 6, middle school and high school, as well as adults of all ages. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

SPECIAL NEEDS TUTOR: Share faith and teachings of the Catholic Church with persons who have special physical, mental, and learning needs, one-on-one or in small groups. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Sacrament Preparation

SACRAMENT RETREAT TEAM: Assist with planning and coordinating retreats for students preparing to celebrate the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation for the first time.  Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff and Glenda Trytko, Staff

Sunday Preschool

SUNDAY PRESCHOOL CATECHIST: Engage preschool and kindergarten children in prayer and activities to help them begin developing a relationship with Jesus Christ and to learn to live as a Catholic Christian. During Sunday 10:30am Mass. May choose to commit to October through December and/or January through April. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

SUNDAY PRESCHOOL AIDE: Assist Sunday preschool catechists with classroom management and activities. Open to middle school and high school students, as well as adults of all ages. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Other Catechetical Ministries

CHILDCARE: Care for children of catechetical ministers, Bible study, RCIA, Crossroads, etc. Time commitment is as needed. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

SNACK PROVIDER: Provide snacks for various formation events, including Elementary Call to Faith, Middle School—The Edge, High School Youth Ministry, etc. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

PLAYGROUND/HALL MONITOR : Supervise students on the playground before the Wednesday, 4pm formation session. Be present in hallways of building during formation sessions to ensure the safety and well-being of students. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

CLERICAL & CRAFT ASSISTANCE: Provide help with clerical activities or assist with preparing craft project supplies or provide clerical help on an as needed basis.  Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Parish Library

PARISH LIBRARY: Volunteers needed to help process and shelve items, create seasonal and other displays to promote circulation of items, and maintain neatness and effectiveness of library space.  Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Liturgy of the Word for Children

FACILITATOR: Lead children, kindergarten through grade 4, in experiencing the Sunday Scriptures at their level of understanding. Commitment is once a month during regularly scheduled weekend Masses. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

ASSISTANT: Assist the Liturgy of the Word Facilitator in leading and managing the participating children. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Middle School Youth Ministry - The Edge

Middle School catechesis program that is designed to foster the young teens’ relationship with Christ and the Church. Through the incorporation of music, ice breakers, large and small group discussions and prayer, The Edge not only catechizes and helps the teens come to know Christ but also prepares them for the Sacrament of Confirmation and high school youth ministry.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ADULT LEADER: Facilitate large group activities for middle school formation. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Christian Initiation

This ministry serves people of various religious backgrounds who seek to discover the truth and draw closer to God. Christian Initiation helps people on the faith journey as they discern their call to join the Roman Catholic Church through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. It also seeks to strengthen the faith and understanding of those who are fully initiated into the Catholic faith. 

INQUIRY CATECHIST: Shares personal faith story and facilitates topical discussions on the basics of the Catholic faith with adults seeking to learn more about the Catholic Church. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

CATECHUMENATE DISMISSAL FACILITATOR: Explore the weekly Scripture readings, and the Gospel values contained in them, with adults in theCatechumenate phase of the Initiation process. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

SPONSOR: Adult who offers companionship and faith sharing to someone in the Initiation process. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR CHILDREN: Share faith and the basics of the Catholic faith with persons ages 7 to 16 who are preparing for full initiation into the Catholic Church, to help them live their call as disciples of Jesus Christ. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff or Rosemary Beahan, Staff

CATHOLIC RENEWAL SERIES CATECHIST: Answer questions and share the teachings of the faith with Catholics who have stopped practicing their religion for a time and are now returning. Centered on compassion and reconciliation.  Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

Adult Faith Formation

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY COORDINATOR: Coordinate calendar, Bible study options, and small group development. Women’s Bible Study meetsThursday mornings, September through April.
Contact: Elizabeth Post  Staff

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY SMALL GROUP FACILITATOR: Facilitate small group conversation for Bible study. Facilitator meetings each Thursday morning prior to session, September through April.  Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY COORDINATOR: Coordinate schedule and calendar, Bible study options, and small group development. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY SMALL GROUP FACILITATOR: Facilitate small group conversation for Bible study for men. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

SMALL GROUP FAITH SHARING FACILITATOR: Lead a small group of parishioners in discussions on faith-related topics. Sessions are usually 6-8 weeks and start during Advent and Lent. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

Sunday Nursery

Sunday nursery volunteers give parishioners the freedom to participate in Sunday Mass knowing their young children are being properly cared for.

SUNDAY NURSERY COORDINATOR: Coordinate and schedule volunteers for the nursery during the Sunday, 10:30am Mass. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

SUNDAY NURSERY ATTENDANT: Provide childcare for infants and toddlers during the Sunday, 10:30am Mass and other times needed. Open to middle school and high school students, as well as adults of all ages.  Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff

High School Youth Ministry - Sunday Night Live

Our goal at is to provide comprehensive youth ministry programs to serve both our High School teens and our young adults. We seek to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

ADULT SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE LEADER: Attend youth ministry gatherings to guide, assist, and be an example of the Catholic faith to the high school students.  Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

ADULT RETREAT LEADER: Minister to youth as a chaperone on retreats.  Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

ADULT OVERNIGHT CHAPERONE: Adults willing to stay overnight on retreats. This is a great ministry for those that are not able to commit to Youth Ministry on a regular basis. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

YOUTH LEADERSHIP TEAM (for teens): Provide peer leadership in all areas of Youth Ministry. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

YOUTH MINISTRY PRAYER SUPPORT TEAM: Offer to hold the Youth Ministry teens and adult leaders in prayer once a month for a half hour during youth ministry gatherings or be willing to be a member of the youth ministry prayer chain. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

YOUTH MINISTRY HOSPITALITY: Provide a snack for youth ministry nights once a month. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff

Christ Served: Outreach Ministries

Christ forsakes power and glory for a life of service - through his healings, miracles, comforting words, and heartfelt compassion he served people and their deepest needs.

OUTREACH COMMISSION: Envision and guide parish involvement for pastoral care and social justice issues. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

FOOD PANTRY COMMITTEE: Teams for food packing and/or delivery. Flexible schedules. Contact: Angie Zylstra | | 616.532.9344

MAILINGS: Meet during the day to prepare bulk mailings as needed. Contact: Parish Office


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS TO NURSING HOMES, HOME BOUND/ILL: Women and men who visit and bring Communion to area nursing homes, the home bound, those recovering from illness, or in area hospitals.  Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

SOCIAL VISITORS TO THE HOME BOUND: Individuals, families, youth, retired individuals who visit, phone, play cards or games, etc. with our home bound parishioners. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

HOME MAINTENANCE VOLUNTEERS: Individuals, families, youth, or anyone willing to use their skills or labor for short or long-term home maintenance to those in need or the elderly. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

RESPECT LIFE TEAM MEMBER: Team members work to educate parish members on all “Life Issues” from conception to natural death, organize and sponsor “Respect Life” events, and help the parish take part in local or national events.  Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

JOB SEEKER’S RESOURCE: Volunteers assist job seekers providing spiritual, emotional, and practical encouragement. Contact: Betsy Simpson | 616.531.0575

FUNERAL LUNCHEONS: Women and men who...

Set up, serve, & clean up. Contact: Rita McCarthy | 616.538.5823
Provide salads or desserts. Contact: Jason George | 231.736.7487


Spring Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff
Winter Contact: Nancy Hoekstra | 616.457.3391

MEALS PROVIDER: Persons to provide an occasional meal for individuals/parishioners returning home after hospitalization. Contact: Pat Meurer, 616.450.1545

PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION: Drivers who can provide rides to Mass or doctor’s appointments for senior members in need of transportation.  Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

CAREGIVER RELIEF: Volunteers to relieve caregivers so they can run errands, go shopping, attend Mass, etc. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

COMMUNITY YOUTH MENTORS: Positively impact the life of a student by being a role model and friend to one who is struggling or has been identified as “at risk” and in need of encouragement and support. Commitment of one hour per week during the school year.
Contact: Nancy Benson | | 616.249.9497

BLOOD DRIVE: Volunteers who will help with staffing the blood drive. People willing to donate cookies, pretzels, etc. for those who have given blood. Contacts:

Sally Cole | 616.667.0536
Karen Jenkins | 616.532.4269

BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS: Nurses, EMT’s, or Medical Assistants who provide the parishioners with blood pressure readings the second weekend of the month. Volunteers after all Masses are needed.  Contact: Brian Stoffer | 616.261.0918

MASTER'S MISSION COMMITTEE: Committee that works with pastor and staff liaison to determine the responsible and just distribution of our parish tithe to the local, national, and international community. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff

Christ Prayed: Worship Ministries

Christ’s relationship to God was deeply rooted in prayer and from this relationship flowed His whole life and ministry.

WORSHIP COMMISSION: Helps ensure the sacramental and spiritual needs of our parishioners are met through excellent liturgy and other prayer experiences. Contact: Fr. Chris, Pastor

PRAYER CHAIN: Individuals who pray privately for those who have requested prayers for special intentions. Contact: Parish Office

FUNERAL MASS SERVERS: Adults to assist as Altar Servers at funerals.

Spring/Fall Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff
Winter Contact: Jan Sartorius | 662.3698


ALTAR SERVERS: Boys and girls in fifth grade or older assist at Mass (weekends, holy days, and weddings.) Commitment of attendance at training sessions, then rotating schedule.  Contact: Sandy Grandy, Staff

ALTAR SERVER TRAINER: Trainer assists with instructing new altar servers how to serve at Mass. Server trainings are twice a year for five weeks. Trainers will need to attend Protecting God’s Children. Contact: Ike Yskes

CHURCH WORSHIP, ART & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE: Share your gifts and talent by assisting with the enhancement of the liturgical celebration (flowers, plants, seasonal decorations, etc.) and caring for the live plants throughout the church. In addition to sharing artistic and horticultural talents, there is a need for assistance with the organization, storage, care and maintenance of decorating supplies. Contact: Nancy Benson | | 249.9497

CANTORS: Vocalists to lead congregational singing. Practices are Wednesday evening, 6:30pm. Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

CHOIR: Women and men to enhance worship during Lord’s Day liturgies. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings, 7pm.  Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

YOUTH MUSIC ENSEMBLE: Teen and young adult vocalists and instrumentalists to lead congregational singing at various Masses throughout the year. Teens determine rehearsal and performance schedule. Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

CONTEMPORARY ENSEMBLE: Singers and instrumentalists lead music for liturgy on a monthly basis as determined by membership. Rehearsals as scheduled. Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

RESURRECTION CHOIR: Women and men to sing at funeral liturgies. Rehearsals as needed. Should be available weekdays.  Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

INSTRUMENTALISTS: Variety of instruments needed for various liturgies. Rehearsals as needed. 
Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff

EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER OF COMMUNION: Assist the Priest by distributing Communion during Mass. Candidates must be baptized, confirmed, and in good standing in the Church. Especially needed for the 5:30 PM Mass on Saturday. Contact: Parish Office

GREETERS: Individuals and/or families to welcome others arriving for each Lord’s Day liturgy. Commitment is half hour prior to Mass time, about five times a year. Also need someone to coordinate this ministry. Contact: Parish Office

LECTORS: Proclaim God’s Word to the Assembly during Lord’s Day liturgies. Open to parishioners of all ages who have been Confirmed. Fr. Chris, Pastor

USHERS: Men, women, and youth to provide services for parishioners before, during, and after the Lord’s Day liturgies. Fr. Chris, Pastor

MASS COORDINATORS: These individuals help set up for daily or weekend Masses, helping things run smoothly, and ensuring that all liturgical ministries are fulfilled. Contact: Fr. Chris, Pastor

ALTAR LINENS: Washing and ironing of purificators and corporals, etc. Contact: Brenda Grandy | 531.0428

OTHER: What new ministry do you have in mind for our parish?  Contact: Parish Office