We gather at Mass on the Lord’s Day to follow Jesus’ command to “do this in memory of me” by sharing in his supper and his cross and resurrection.

The Mass is the Eucharist celebrated.  It is the preeminent sacrament from which all the others draw meaning.  It is here that Christ is most profoundly present to the Church as it gathers to hear the Word of God and to share in the nourishment of Christ’s Body and Blood through Holy Communion.  It is the source and summit of the Christian life.  It sustains our ongoing conversion and faith journey.  We gather as community to celebrate all the grace-filled moments of our lives, to be challenged to a deeper awareness of what God is doing in our lives and in this world all week long.

The Eucharist is primarily a worship service of thanksgiving (the meaning of the word Eucharist).  It is also called the “Mass,” a term which comes from the dismissal rite of the service, meaning sending forth.  It is a reminder to Christians who gather for the Eucharist that we are sent out again to live out its meaning in their daily lives.