Every Day Stewardship: Prayerful

Jim Everhart has a lot to be thankful for, including his two granddaughters, and so prayer is a great place to express it.

Jim Everhart

How long have you been a parishioner at St. Pius X?

I have been a member of St. Pius X for 42 years.

What ministries are you involved in at St. Pius X?

I have been a Eucharistic Minister for 30 years.  Additionally, I have been involved in the "Renew" program, RCIA, and now, Monday morning men's bible study, Good Grief Ministry and Saturday morning "That Man is You".  I also attend Mass on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and Wednesday evenings in addition to Sunday obligations.

What inspires you to be an everyday steward?

"Practice God's presence in your life many times throughout the day."

Years ago I learned a principle that was reintroduced at "That Man Is You".  Practice God's presence in your life many times throughout the day.  I is a simple habit to develop and results in a heightened awareness of the importance of a loving Heavenly Father in your life.

How does your prayer life impact your desire to be an everyday steward?

Regarding prayer life, it was no-existent until about a year ago.  My wife and I have experienced some medical challenges that began in January of this year.  Our desire to drawer closer to God became our goal and all that the Catholic Church offers is our vehicle.  I have developed a morning prayer and an evening prayer that I would like to share.  The evening prayer is quite short and to-the-point.  The morning prayer, however, takes me thirty to forty minutes to complete because I find it continually thought provoking and helpful to meaningful meditation.