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Rediscover Jesus Book Study

Monday, February 29

Did you get one of the Rediscover Jesus books this Christmas? If you'd like to put it to use and grow in your relationship with Jesus, join our study group. The group meets Mondays (starting Jan. 11) from 7-8:30pm and will run until Mar. 7.

Each week, will be a chance to pray and share your faith and journey as we discuss 5 readings from the previous week and how it relates to our lives and our Catholic faith.

This week's chapters: 31-35 (pp. 145-167)

No sign up is necessary, but it will be helpful as we plan ahead. Know you can start up at any time. Please invite others who may benefit from it.

We look forward to journeying together as we seek to truly rediscover Jesus.

Click here if you'd like to sign up.