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Monday, July 25

CAMP EDGE!  This is our 3rd annual year for CAMP EDGE!  If you aren’t familiar with Camp Edge, it’s a sort of blend between VBS and High School Workcamp, but it’s for Middle Schoolers (incoming 7th and 8th graders).  With the help of young adults and high school leaders, Camp Edge is a TON of fun and a great way to learn and participate in our Catholic faith in a unique way.  We have a theme each year and this year our theme is…. MERCY!  We will be embracing the Jubilee Year of Mercy by traveling around Michigan, seeing various things, playing countless games and doing a variety of service. 

This year, Camp Edge is the week of July 25th, Monday through Friday.  It will involve a variety of field trips and one overnight from Wednesday July 27 til Thursday July 28th.  Cost is $40. 

Monday: 8:30a-1p
Tuesday: 8:15a-1p
Wednesday: 6:30a- overnight

Thursday: return in the evening
Friday: 8:15-noon

 SPACE IS LIMITED!  Register today!  Chaperones are needed!
Contact Elizabeth Post with questions.