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Help Wanted: Chair Moving & More

Sunday, July 15

With construction starting soon, we need your help moving chairs & other things from the church to various places around the campus after the 10:30 Mass. You can stick around after Mass or show up to Danner Hall to help around 11:30am.

And there are a few special jobs that Andy will need help with. If you're interested in any of the special jobs, contact Andy Rebollar as soon as possible (arebollar@spxcatholic.org or 532-9344). Check them out below...

Special Jobs

Area Supervisors - After Mass, we'll need 3-5 adults supervising what goes where, and making sure things are in the right area. You'll have a list and you'll be in one of the different storage areas overseeing it. Plan on being around for at least an hour after Mass.

Pew Prep Removal - Starting at 1pm, we'll need a crew of people to help prep the pews to be removed by unbolting them from their base. Since the pews are bolted at the bases, you will need to be able to work in smaller spaces, be comfortable using a wrench, and be able to get up and down with relative ease. You can sign up online at: http://bit.ly/spxpew

With a lot of hands, it will be light work!