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Help Wanted: Pew Removal Prep

Sunday, July 15

Either Sunday (7/15) at 1pm we are looking for a crew to help to undo the nuts holding the pews on the anchor bolts.

There are 47 pews total + 4 front railings that will all need to be prepped for removal. The bigger pews (center aisles) have three nuts to be removed at their base, while the two sections on the side only have 2 that need to be removed.

Since the nuts are at the base of the pews, you will need to work in a tighter space and be able to get up and down with relative ease.

Due to the weight of the pews, you will not be physically moving them.

If you can help, sign up online at: http://bit.ly/spxpew or in the vestibule before or after Mass. The sign up will help us know how many people we’ll have and who we need to contact when we know more about the time.