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Worker Bee Pt. I

Thursday, October 25

Can you believe it, we'll be back in the church this weekend? We've got some work to do though to make this possible and we could use your help!

We’re looking for people to help get the church back in order for the weekend Masses. We’ll need people from 6-9pm on Thursday (10/25) and then if necessary from 9-2pm on Saturday (10/27). Jobs we’ll be doing: tapping in glides to kneelers and seats, polishing pews & chairs, vacuuming chairs and pews, putting books back, setting up the chairs, installing book rack & holders between the chairs.

Depending on how much we can get done Thursday night, will determine whether any help is needed Saturday (and if so, for how long)

Sign up at: http://bit.ly/spxmove or email Andy (arebollar@spxcatholic.org) – This will help us plan for food.