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How many will be SAVED?

Posted: August 19, 2016

This Sunday's gospel presents a deep question as the end of summer looms:  "Will only a few people be saved?" Luke 13:22.
The homily for our Lord's Day Masses will grapple with this question. 

Aug. 21 also happens to be the "Solemnity" (great feast) of St. Pius X, the patron of our parish. Donuts, bagels and coffee will be served after Mass.

Formation Classes begin in September
Middle School Edge ~ Sept. 11
Elementary Formation Classes ~ Sept. 18 & Sept. 21
Register here for classes: http://www.spxcatholic.org/forms/ 
September 8 @ 9:30am  Ladies Bible Study Registration
Classes begin on Sept. 15
September 14 @ 7pm  RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, email Rosemary Beahan for more information
September 17 @ 6am  That Man is You begins (12-week series)
September 22 @ 7pm  Journey Through Grief (a five-week series), email Rosemary Beahan for more information
September 25 ~ after the 10:30am Mass  Parish Picnic

St. Pius X is a Pokeman Gym?
Golf Outing Raised over $5,100 for Sr. Luvia in Haiti

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